Why The World Is Fed Up With Mainstream News Reporting

news Lần cập nhật cuối: 9 Tháng Hai, 2016

Most people tend to watch the latest news and current affairs on TV while having their breakfast. They might also listen to news on the radio as they are getting ready for work. Quite often, many of us will even catch the news during idle time in our days.

In general, people want to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. They may have a general interest in daily current affairs. Or they might wish to learn about things that could affect them in their lives.


In recent years, there’s been an interesting shift in the world of mainstream news. Perhaps that should get rephrased as “a shift away” from it! Why are more of us becoming disillusioned with mainstream news and current affairs? It turns out there are quite a few reasons:

Mainstream news is almost always negative

Let’s face it; when you watch or listen to the news, the topics are often negative in nature. For example, political issues, death, famine, you name it! There is seldom any positive mainstream news that gets broadcast these days. That’s because the media feels that we only wish to hear about the bad stuff that goes on in the world.

More people are getting fed up with listening to news items that are depressing in nature. As humans, we need morale boosters to keep us feeling good throughout the day. Hearing about people getting blown up or swindled in some way doesn’t make us feel good. In fact, it does rather the opposite.

I challenge you to tell me when you’ve heard a decent, positive news story in the mainstream media. Can’t think of one? Neither can I!

There is often a political bias when reporting news

Have you ever noticed that some daily tabloids seem to have a bias towards a certain political party? We might not notice it much, but if you study a few releases of your favourite newspaper you’ll spot it.

Favourite Newspaper

That’s because many media firms sponsor political parties. They might not admit that to you, but it’s true. You can easily tell when a news outlet has a political bias. How? Because they tend to report negative stories about all but one specific party!

You might be wondering why some news providers have a political bias. The answer is simple: to get the latest scoops! Sometimes there is also a financial reason for getting a certain party into power. After all; newspapers get seen as holding a lot of clout during election times. They have the power to persuade voters to lean towards a particular party.

Of course, there shouldn’t be a political bias in the world of journalism. Media companies must report on news and current affairs while having a neutral stance. They should not get seen to “back” a specific political party. In reality, such ethics are almost non-existent in the media. And that’s part of the reason why more of us tune off from the daily news.

We want to know more about the things that matter in the world

There’s no denying that the human race has a thirst for knowledge. These days, the Internet makes it possible to get news from a variety of sources. We now have the power to read and view the current affairs that interests us. Not what the mainstream media want to feed us!

Mainstream News

For example, some of us may wish to seek out the truth about certain world events and news items. The mainstream media is not known for its policy of open and transparent journalism. There is usually an ulterior motive for the reporting of some stories.

More people seek out the truth and become independent news outlets in their own right. Click here to see an example of how one person has changed the way we look at the world!

We don’t want world events to dominate our lives

Sure, the plight of some people in the world is a cause for concern for society in general. But, we don’t wish to obsess over it. Rather, growing numbers of people stop watching the news and become more productive.

There was a time where we would sit down and watch the Six O’Clock News on TV, for instance. Nowadays, we might go and do something that makes a difference in our lives. Or we might head down to the gym and de-stress after a hard day at work.

As you can see, plenty of people are often fed up with mainstream news reports. And it’s a trend that shows no sign of declining.

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