What Is Photo Mosaic Picture?

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Art with photograph or creating a photograph is appreciated by everyone. The photographs made of photographs are also one of the most appreciated pictures in the world of computer. There are many debates going on to accept the photo mosaic as an art or a product of an innovative technique. It is really good to see a big picture made up of a large number of small pictures. Bigger pictures can be of anything. We just wanted to have an outline of an image to be filled with the small pictures. These small pictures are blended with the color pattern of the small pictures to make it better. The quality of the photo mosaic will reflect on the selection of the small pictures and its color pattern.

Photo Mosaic

History of photo mosaic

Initially the space center in Russia used the technique of stitching a series of pictures taken from the moon and other space materials. These photographs will be connected with each other to give a meaning to it. This is the inspiration for the photo mosaic and it is believed that the photo mosaic was developed only in 1993 by Joseph Francis. He was working for R/Greenberg during that time and he made computer generated tile photographs of a face. This is the first photo mosaic in the world. In 1994, Dave Mckean created another photograph for animation stories. He did it manually with the help of photoshop. It is very complicated and laborious to make the picture. In 1994 Jon F. Kennedy’s picture was made with the help of small Marlyn Monroe’s photographs. It was made by Adam Finkeilstein and sandy Ferrier. In the same year the word AIDS was created with the help of thousands of small children’s photographs. Then this technique has grown slowly and the technique has filed for patent in 1995 by Robert Silver. Now people are trying to apply the same technique even in videos. But the effects are still not known.

How to make a photo mosaic?

Photo mosaics are very good hobby for many people now. The innovative technique turned into an art now. The aesthetic value of this art is increasing every day. With new ideas and technique people are using this to create excelling and mind blowing arts. The oil painting color pattern is maintained with the chosen small photographs.

Mosaic Photo

It is easy and simple to create the photo mosaic software. This software available on the internet for free also. Some of them are very cheap to buy, but the results are beautiful and artistic. All most all the software available for this technique follows the same pattern. The simple and the complicated methods are used, but many advanced systems are using only the pixel to pixel matching methods only. We should have the sense and taste for the color scheme. The color scheme of the big picture should match the small picture color pattern. These coloring patterns will affect the photographic quality. Sometimes it may enhance the brightness of the photographs and its effects on our house.

All the software is easy to download and use. They have the simple instructions to follow in creating photo mosaics. Step by step guidance is also available to help us. These creative arts can be easily downloaded and printed in the various sizes. The photo mosaic will be good depends on the quality and number of pictures selected for filling up the faces. The best picture should look bright and it should be cheerful to look at it. Choosing the right software will help us to produce the best photo mosaics.

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What Is Photo Mosaic Picture?

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