What Are The Side Effects of Garcinia Cambogia?

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Many people across the world are in praise of this tropical extract that is said to help you lose weight almost immediately. It’s an undisputable observation that this substance truly works but at the same time, there are rumors that it has some side effects. There are some people who insist they have taken the substance and observed no traces of unhealthy effects while others oppose it saying they suffered health complications after taking the drug.


Garcinia Cambogia is extracted from the garcinia cambogia fruit. This tree grows in tropical climate region of Asia. This extract is made from the rind of the tree. The rind is usually peeled off and then dried and cured for storage. Contrasting information however is that, the natives here don’t use this extract to lose weight. It is added to fish and meat as a spice, besides being used as treatment to some ailments.

Side effects

It’s not yet known how these natives use this extract without facing some health complications as a result. However, it should be noted that these Asian natives grind a little extract, just for their own small-scale consumption. For commercial and weight loss purposes, the manufacturer determines the chemicals to be used on these extracts as there are no set procedures of preservation or meaningful regulations. Well, this could be the reason behind some brands having no side effects and others with due to the different ways they were manufactured. Moreover, tests on some cambogia brands have proved that some brands have very little levels of weight loss active ingredient required.

Effects of Garcinia Cambogia

Common side effects

Here are some of the common side effects from garcinia cambogia likely to report after taking this extract.

• Mild headaches

This is common, on the first days of taking this extract. However, this condition doesn’t last for long as the headache disappears in a few days time.

• Fatty stools and diarrhea

This side effect can be biologically explained. Fatty stools happen because garcinia cambogia reduces the amount of fat you have in the body. Fats that have been absorbed by the gut into the body are usually gotten rid of as stool, this is the reason why one develops a feeling of a different bowel movement.

• Lack of sleep and restlessness

This is also a common side effect reported by those who don’t exercise. Why is exercise important? Exercising helps you get rid of too much energy. If you don’t exercise, this energy accumulates and causes lack of sleep in bed due to too much energy. Some of your energy is from the body fats. After you start taking garcinia cambogia, you lose interest in food and start eating less food. In addition to this, the food you eat is stripped off fat. Your body will then realize that energy supplies are down and will respond by breaking down existing fats into energy.

• Dosage in the market

Currently, the drugs in the market assume that whoever will buy this drug is above 18 years of age. All minors are therefore excluded from accessing this extract. However, since there maybe a few youngsters determined to lose weight, they will have no alternative but to use the available drug. At the end of the day, the young person ends up taking a dosage stronger than is recommended- a factor that can lead to side effects.

• People exempted from the extract

There are people who are exempted from taking this extract for various reasons. They include:

• Lactating mothers as well as pregnant mothers
• People suffering from dementia
• Those people already taking cholesterol lowering medicine
• People suffering from diabetes
• Any person suffering from a condition that needs regular medication

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