Tips for Reconnecting With Old Friends

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For years, you’ve been itching to get back in touch with your best friend from high school. Just 10 years ago, you two were inseparable. In addition to having many of the same classes at school, you worked the same part-time jobs and ran with the same social circle. Unfortunately, after graduation, the two of you gradually lost touch. Aside from the occasional phone call during your freshman year of college, you two haven’t had any interaction in over a decade. Before allowing yourselves to drift apart any further, start taking steps to reconnect with your former chum. Rekindling your friendship is much easier than you may think – particularly with the assistance of modern technology. So if you’re ready to touch base with someone you haven’t seen in a good long while, don’t hesitate to utilize the following tips.

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Enlist the Aid of a Data Company

If you’ve managed to pinpoint the city or town in which your friend is currently living, you’re well on your way to finding her. With the help of a trustworthy data company, you can gain access to a helpful assortment of new homeowners lists, mortgage lists and consumer lists for your friend’s current locale. If you suspect your old chum may be included on one of these lists, don’t hesitate to get in touch with US Data Corporation. The brainchild of renowned entrepreneur Erich Hal Kaminsky, US Data Corporation is one of the country’s foremost authorities on data management.

Connect on Social Media

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t crazy about social media. Even many senior citizens are highly active on such popular outlets as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With this in mind, simply visit some of the Internet’s most popular social media sites and enter your friend’s name in the search box. If she has a common name, you can narrow the search results by including her hometown, current locale or alma mater. Once you’re confident that you’ve found the right person, simply shoot her a friend request. After she accepts and adds you to her roster of friends, you’ll be able to exchange private messages and share photos with one another.

School Friends

Get in Touch through Mutual Acquaintances

If the person with whom you’re trying to get in touch isn’t active on social media, reach out to some mutual acquaintances. Although you’ve lost touch with your friend, there’s a good chance that certain acquaintances have remained in contact with her. After receiving her phone number or email address from one of your mutual acquaintances, you’ll have all the info you need to begin rekindling your friendship.

Few things are sadder than bidding farewell to close friends. Promising to stay in touch is easy, but following through can prove surprisingly difficult. In many cases, people are too shy or embarrassed to reach out to old acquaintances after prolonged periods of silence. If this has happened to you, it’s important to realize that your friend is probably just as eager to hear from you as you are to reconnect with her. Fortunately, with the help of the previously discussed tips, you should have no problem getting in touch with wayward chums.

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Tips for Reconnecting With Old Friends

Tips for Reconnecting With Old Friends

For years, you’ve been itching to get back in touch with your best friend from high school. Just 10...