The Banking Job Eligibility Criteria in India

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The banks are meant to provide job opportunities for all categories of candidates. The professionals like engineers, doctors are always looked upon with awe, but all do not have the same level of intellect and interest to get into such professions. With the candidates of moderate intelligence, there are many thousands of opportunities in the banks where the candidates can get decent to good salaries. There are even high qualified finance graduates who are paid extremely well in the banks. All these job opportunities are highlighted at Free Job Alerts of Bank Jobs, Railway Jobs 2014.

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Government banks have simple eligibility criteria’s but high competition

The common entrance exam for the Government bank jobs called IBPS is the latest development. This exam is conducted for a number of Government banks together and hence the candidate has a wider scope for getting selected. The exam is conducted for the post of probationary officers and clerical level jobs. The eligibility criteria include securing 60% or first class in 12th, and getting a 55% percentile in graduation and post graduation. The candidate need not even be a graduate. A 12th class graduate can fetch good opportunity to exploit a career in Government banks. The Scheduled caste people have further advantage as they must need to pass in 12th class. The ex-servicemen in the armed forces need not even have that, but he must have passed in some examinations which are recognized by the central Government. The candidate must be citizen of India in the age group of 20 to 30 years. Once you crack the test which is simple and includes simple logical reasoning, math and verbal reasoning and some part of general knowledge, you will become eligible for the interview process.

This interview process is also tough to crack, for this the candidate must have the best in class CV and be prepared to face the questions. The private banks however are more sophisticated in their approach and require more qualifications and mere 60% will not do well for the candidate as the private banks require competitive candidates who will help them in the business. The private banks however have limitations in terms of the number of vacancies available hence, making it all the tougher more a person in the world of competition.

Preperation for Bank Job

Working a little towards the dream bank jobs easily accessed from the Free Job alerts of Bank Jobs will help a secured career and a position in the society. Nowadays there are also multinational banks and hence a bigger scope and a bigger carrier opportunity are waiting for you.

The private banks differ in approach

Private Banks mean business. They are here for turnaround profits for themselves. Hence, they are on the mission to get the best skilled, qualified candidates. They also look out for fresher candidates as they are cheap and can be polished to become the diamonds required for conducting the business in a smooth manner. Therefore the private banks are likely to advertise more on paid sites and consultants to reach out to the niche segment of employees who are capable.

Apply for Government Job

However, the eligibility criteria are very good in Government banks as they are the employee pullers of the country. They make it a point to give maximum employment. Hence they target even the schedules caste category people who are given a fixed percentage of seats out of the vacant seats. The most coveted Government jobs face a lot of competition. From low cadre jobs like accountants, pens, clerks to the highest levels like the managers, jobs are always advertised by them in this free portal which gives access to millions of people.

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The Banking Job Eligibility Criteria in India

The Banking Job Eligibility Criteria in India

The banks are meant to provide job opportunities for all categories of candidates. The professionals like engineers, doctors are...