NBA Basketball: NBA Rookie of the Year Contenders

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You can click here for the Northbet LinkedIn page, adding to the way in which you get necessary betting information. Speaking of information, what can be said about the contenders for the NBA Rookie of the Year Award for the 2014-2015 seasons? The draft just concluded, so which youngsters are likely to turn the first year of their professional basketball careers into a personal playground?

Professional Basketball Player

Jabari Parker of the Milwaukee Bucks has inspired a shirt molded after the Atari video game company. He has become as close to a sensation as anyone in this draft class, before bouncing a basketball in an actual professional game. Parker has a developed offensive game. His jump shot can use some improvements, but with practice and the freedom from time constraints that govern college basketball development sessions, Parker will be able to improve that jumper without too much of a problem. Magic Johnson had a subpar jump shot at the beginning of his career, but he worked on that issue and solved it before his career was done, helping the Los Angeles Lakers to continue to rule the NBA through most of the 1980s. Parker is very likely to be a top offensive player. His defense is going to be poor in year one, but if he brings the numbers on offense, he’ll be right there in the Rookie of the Year race.

Nik Stauskas of the Sacramento Kings has a fully-formed jump shot and a nice, well-rounded offensive game as well. He’s learned to be better off the dribble. He has included an assortment of fakes and juke moves that has made him a lot more than a good standstill shooter who is good off the catch of a pass from a teammate. Stauskas can now create his own offense, and that’s how he’s different from the player who entered the previous college basketball season at the University of Michigan. Stauskas could make a real run for this award.

Nik Stauskas

Adreian Payne is a brawny, bruising, powerful player who has a big vertical leap and an instinctual ability to block shots. He’s going to be a legitimate interior defender who can guard power forwards and small centers. He will be able to physically hold up against a number of defensive challenges. The beauty of Payne as a player is that he could become the ROY either because of his defense or his offense, not necessarily because of only one component of basketball. Payne has a very good long-range jump shot. He could be a strong offensive player as much as a strong defensive player.

Doug McDermott of the Chicago Bulls is an offensive talent on a team that plays defense. If Chicago lands Carmelo Anthony in free agency, McDermott’s ability to get a lot of touches would be limited. However, if Anthony goes elsewhere, McDermott is going to get a genuine opportunity to be a core contributor to the Bulls on offense. He could provide a surprise and a wild-card flavor to the Rookie of the Year competition.