Car Brake and Clutch Services for A Safe Drive

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You run your car as smoothly as possible and brake only when you need to – to stop at the right places, or when there is a sudden need on the road where you have to inhibit the motion of your car by pressing the brake and bring the car to a screeching halt. As you do that almost as a reflex action, you probably never think about the clutch that disconnects the engine motion from wheels. But continual and repeated use of these two vital parts on which complete control of the vehicle movement depends on, make them more vulnerable to wear and tear than any other car part.

Safe Drive

The brake problems

It is good that you put a brake to your driving sprees at times, and take the vehicle for regular car brake and clutch services to keep your car happy and yourself safe. Your car will give enough indications to tell you when it is need of a brake servicing.

• In case your brake pedals do not release well after pressing the brake, it is usually indicative of a faulty cylinder which, if left for too long, can lead to total brake failure.

• Noise in the brake system will indicate that your brake is well worn-out, and is in need of a change.

• Your brake calipers are parts that cause friction between the moving rotors and the friction padding of calipers. In case your car veers to a side on applying the brake, check your brake calipers.

• Brakes that lock even at the minimal push, it probably occurs due to deposition of grease on your brake lining that can ultimately cause the brake to fail in case of an emergency.

• A vibration in the steering part or even the entire vehicle on applying brakes can occur due to the problem of the brake drum or the rotor.

• A pulsating brake pedal under pressure should warn you of an out of alignment disc brakes or drums.

• While a brake that is hard to press down can be indicative of a restricted hydraulic line, damaged calipers, wheel cylinders or brake linings. On the other hand, a brake that feels spongy under your feet can indicate that there is moisture in the brake fluid.

Car Brake Service

The clutch problems

The other part of your car that works in unison with your brake – the clutch, also may give indications that it is in trouble and needs servicing.

• When you press the clutch and you feel low frequency vibrations, it will indicate a host of probable causes like misalignment of the engine to the gear box, defective pressure plates, worn out bearings and more.

• Difficulty in driving uphill, burning smell and engine acceleration without corresponding speed can indicate worn out and contaminated clutch facings, defective pressure plates or a broken spring.

• Change of gear from neutral to the first gear causing a jolt or vehicle movement when the pedestal is pressed shows that there is incorrect adjustment of the hydraulic fluid or worn out hydraulic parts.

• Sudden movement of car even when the pedestal is released gradually also indicates hydraulic problems.

Comprehensive service of brake and clutch

Knowing saves you from disaster and not that you are armed with the knowledge what may be the causes for the different kind of brake and clutch problems, a comprehensive timely brake service should be able to save you from a disaster. Service centers that are equipped to perform caliper service and overhauling will be a good choice for servicing the parts. Their competency should also extend to the replacement of wheel cylinder even if it is a rare component to replace or to refurbish.

While keeping up with technological advances in brake applications, the service centers should also be equipped to handle all car brake and clutch services. And go through this link to know more information.

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