6 Common Eye Problems with Surgical Solutions

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As medical treatments evolve, the number of eye issues with surgical solutions also increases. While surgery may sound drastic, it is an excellent way to provide a long-term or even permanent solution to an annoying, possibly debilitating eye condition without the long-term costs of drugs or temporary treatments. Today eye doctors can offer surgical procedures to correct a number of problems, including:

Poor Vision

Chances are good you have already heard about LASIK procedures and other surgeries used to treat poor vision. Let’s give that vague term a few more specifics: Laser eye surgery is suitable for treating conditions like myopia and hyperopia, the blurring of distant or nearby objects, respectively. These are some of the most common eye problems out there, and laser surgery provides an often-permanent solution for them. Surgery can also be used to correct issues with astigmatism. And cataract surgery was one of the first successful eye surgeries ever developed, and continues to be an ideal solution today.

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Glaucoma is a dangerously progressive disease that slowing takes away peripheral vision until people go blind. There are several different kinds of glaucoma, some worse than others. Glaucoma is often caused by increase eye pressure, and in the worst cases this pressure can be relived through surgeries that install micro-shunts to relieve eye pressure when necessary. Various laser surgeries may also be used to correct problems related with glaucoma or reduce symptoms.

Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid eye disease is linked with other thyroid problems and ultimately autoimmune issues. The thyroid controls very important hormone production tasks, and when it malfunctions a number of issues result. One issue is bulging, watery, red eyes that do not respond to other types of treatment. This is caused by inflamed tissues and long-term swelling. If the swelling won’t go away, then professionals can use surgery to control it and restore eyes to a more normal appearance.

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Dry Eyes

Thyroid issues aside, people can also suffer from generalized dry eye issues. If these issues become serious, surgeries can offer relief: Some help control tear drainage to encourage eye moisture through small plugs that decrease draining. Other surgeries close drainage channel permanently. Some surgeries even partially close eyelids to help conserve moisture.

Orbital Conditions

Sometimes eyes can be damaged in accidents, leading to serious problems with orbital damage around and behind the eye, which can also affect the tear drainage system and the eyelids. In these situations corrective surgery can help save eyes, restore function, and help reconstruct eyes to help correct issues with appearance. These types of surgeries are especially valuable for those suffering from life-altering eye damage that needs plastic surgery or similar procedures. Reconstructive surgery has come a long way in recent years and now offers valuable options in these cases.

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Sometimes eye problems originate due to brain injuries or problems with the nerve bundles that control the eyes. A variety of issues, from brain injuries to infections, can cause this type of neurological damage. Fortunately, a variety of treatments are available for these issues, including optic nerve surgery to correct specific symptoms.

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6 Common Eye Problems with Surgical Solutions

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As medical treatments evolve, the number of eye issues with surgical solutions also increases. While surgery may sound drastic,...